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Dates and Mates

On May 29th the Thistle Foundation – a charity dedicated to supporting people with disabilities and health conditions – launched Dates and Mates; a fun night of socialising for adults with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Braidburn pupils were in attendance and revelled in to the night chatting with friends, catching up with former Braidburn pupils, dancing, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and winning prizes in the raffle!

Now the waters have been tested we hope that others come and join in at Dates and Mates, as it is an excellent night providing an opportunity for people to meet up in a relaxed, disco-style atmosphere and and a great time was had by everyone involved.

As Dates and Mates is an adult service it is only available to those over eighteen. If you are looking for any further information you may check out the Thistle Foundation website or e-mail Marion Smith – the Dates and Mates Lothian co-ordinator – directly at

Milestone House Podcast

Following our visit to Milestone House a fortnight ago, Braidburn has been included in a recent podcast for Waverley Care – the charity that manages Milestone – created by pupils from Firrhill High School. The podcast gives a great overview of what Milestone does and what it means to those that use the service and those in the community that engage with Milestone, such as Braidburn.

Click the video beneath to play.

Visit to Milestone House

Pupils at our neighbouring Firrhill High School have been looking to forge relationships in the community and raise awareness of the great work done at the close-by Milestone House; a residential unit offering care and support for those living with HIV and Hepatitis C.

Last week, as part of their enterprise project, the Firrhill pupils got together with staff and service users at Milestone House to host a barbeque and social event. Our senior Almond and Spey classes have established a relationship with Milestone House and they kindly invited us along for the day. Our pupils enjoyed food and drinks and taking part in races and other fun activities. There were even medals to be won!

A big thank you to Milestone House and a thanks and three cheers to the pupils at Firrhill for their great work and community spirit!

More thanks to Jane Griffin for the photographs you see below.

Almond and Spey out in the Community

An important part of school for our senior classes, Almond and Spey, is getting out in the community to interact with others and see the wider world. One on-going project for these classes is their visits to café in and around Edinburgh during which the pupils learn what is expected of them when out socialising and gain knowledge of options of places to go. The pupils also review the cafés, assessing their menu, prices and accessibility.

The past two weeks Almond and Spey have visited the café at IKEA for breakfast. As you can see from the photos, a great time was had by all.

The Snow Must Go on in Almond and Spey!

Every Monday our senior classes, Almond and Spey, run the school tuck shop. There are plenty of treats on offer at the tuck shop, from toast and homemade fruit kebabs to chocolate and crisps, and pupils and staff like coming along, not only for the snacks, but for the friendly service they receive from the hardworking pupils.

At the beginning of last week the snow had kept some pupils home. The numbers were depleted in the tuckshop but the absence of their usual staff didn’t put Almond and Spey off. They had a job to do and were determined to do it, so rather than close the tuck shop for the day they went mobile. The pupils loaded up their trolley and went class-to-class to provide snacks to the school. Great work!