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Scottish stories with Tweed

The students in Tweed class have been enjoying listening to Scottish stories. They really like the Nessie story delivered to them by the VI department. They also use technology to access stories about Tam O’Shanter, Robert the Bruce and the spider and Mary Queen of Scots.

Almond short-listed for the John Byrne Award!

Three female school pupils reading a poemWhat is important to us? Do current values support this? Are there things we would like to change about the world around us?

These are some of the questions that the John Byrne Award invites us to address. The art award invites entries from senior pupils across Edinburgh. The entry can be any piece of art – play, song, painting or, in our case, a poem.

Almond have made the short-listed for the award with their poem ‘Life in the Fast Lane – or – Love me, Love my Wheelchair’.  Out of 45 entries to the award our senior class has beaten off the competition to make it down to the final 12.

The winner will be announced by the legendary playwright and artist himself on November 20th. Read Almond’s poem below, visit the John Byrne Award site for more information and watch the video at the end of the post to see our pupils in action!

Life in the Fast Lane
– Or –
Love me, Love my Wheelchair

Do you look at me and think I’m a prisoner in my wheelchair?
Is this my capture site?
No way.

Move your mind and see me in a different way.

Let me tell you this…
My wheelchair sets me free.
My wheelchair gives me power and confidence- inside and out.

So I’m warning you…..

Don’t stare at me in my wheelchair unless
You recognise me as DJ Dylan, King of the Golden oldies

Don’t stare at me in my wheelchair unless
My wheel has fallen off up the toon and you can help me

Don’t stare at me in my wheelchair unless
You want a giggle with me

Don’t stare at me unless
You think I’m cute

Don’t stare at me in my wheelchair unless
You like my Mohican hair

Don’t stare at me in my wheelchair unless
You envy my purple suede trainers (and  mine will stay looking good a lot longer than yours)

Don’t stare at me in my wheelchair unless
You recognise me as a huge One Direction fan. I even wear their perfume!

Ok you can stare at me in my wheelchair
But only if

Best of luck Almond! 

Dates and Mates

On May 29th the Thistle Foundation – a charity dedicated to supporting people with disabilities and health conditions – launched Dates and Mates; a fun night of socialising for adults with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Braidburn pupils were in attendance and revelled in to the night chatting with friends, catching up with former Braidburn pupils, dancing, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and winning prizes in the raffle!

Now the waters have been tested we hope that others come and join in at Dates and Mates, as it is an excellent night providing an opportunity for people to meet up in a relaxed, disco-style atmosphere and and a great time was had by everyone involved.

As Dates and Mates is an adult service it is only available to those over eighteen. If you are looking for any further information you may check out the Thistle Foundation website or e-mail Marion Smith – the Dates and Mates Lothian co-ordinator – directly at

Milestone House Podcast

Following our visit to Milestone House a fortnight ago, Braidburn has been included in a recent podcast for Waverley Care – the charity that manages Milestone – created by pupils from Firrhill High School. The podcast gives a great overview of what Milestone does and what it means to those that use the service and those in the community that engage with Milestone, such as Braidburn.

Click the video beneath to play.