Update from With Kids

Hi Braidburn families,

We are Celia and Gabrielle from With Kids. We are working to help create the Braidburn Family Network, a space where families can come together to support, care for and learn from each other. You might remember you received a wee letter from us a few weeks ago.
We know that this week might be feeling especially difficult. We have been thinking of you all and thought it might be useful to share a few things which we have found useful over lockdown and may be helpful for your family too.
The links should take you straight to the videos, however if for any reason you get lost you can find them all at our With Kids website www.withkids.org.uk

Videos for children

Videos intended for children to watch with little or no adult participation… giving parents a short break (although adult supervision is still recommended). They include storytelling and interactive videos that children can listen to or be involved with.

My Many Coloured Days, by Dr Seuss and read by Celia

Parents often talk about wanting their children to be ‘happy’. But children have a range of emotions just like adults and it’s important that we’re able to acknowledge and make sense of them. My Many Coloured Days is a fantastic book by Dr Seuss that talks about the emotions

The Rabbit Listened, by Corri Doerrfeld and read by Celia

As parents we often feel that we have to ‘fix’ children’s problems. We can often feel that ‘just’ listening isn’t enough. This fantastic story shows us why listening is one of the most important things we can do.

Self-care with Dino George

Everyone needs a bit of self-care, and when things change quickly and routines are thrown out the window it can be tricky for adults and for children. In this video a Dinosaur called
George will show you and your children a few ideas for how to calm yourself and give yourself some time to relax and have a bit of fun through taking control of your breathing.
If you have a bubble wand/blower then have this with you and use it along with Dino George. Maybe your child has their favourite soft toy and would like to involve them in the fun too and they can practice together.

Videos for families

Games, activities and therapeutic play to bring the family together and have fun with.

Theraplay Games Part 1 (2.5 minutes long)

In this video Michelle demonstrates four games which can be played with household items. These games and activities can help children to practice and learn being calm, regulate their emotions and soothe. The key part of these games is that children and adults are doing these together, having fun and not worrying about who wins and who loses. Games like this are great for building up bonds and connections.
• bean bag or similar (wheat bag, sock with another sock in it, bag of rice, anything that you could balance on your head!)
• A feather, a cotton ball or something similar (think things that are soft and pleasant to the touch)
• A balloon
• YOU!

Theraplay Games Part 2 (4.25 mins long)

In this video Michelle shows us how to play four more games to play with your children. These four games are simple and might remind you of games you play or have played with young children and babies. They all focus on positive touch and eye contact and you might be surprised how much even older children enjoy being able to be little again and to experience the fun and safety of touch and being seen and delighted in by someone they love.
• Cotton ball or similar
• YOU!

Theraplay Games Part 3 (5.53 minutes long)

In this video Michelle shows us how to play with more than one child. These games support connection, cooperation and being together.
• Newspaper
• YOU!
Spinal Walking – Movement based learning (2.13 minutes long)
In this video Vicky shows us how to use a technique called spinal walking which is a movement based activity which can support children to feel calm, safe and regulated. This can be a good way to help your child feel grounded when they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.
We hope some of these videos might be of use to you and your family and would love to hear how you get on with them!

Please don’t hestitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the videos or about anything!

All our best,
Celia and Gabrielle

Celia Koukou
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Gabrielle Podvoiskis
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